Emerald City Medical Arts

5-Day Detoxification Program

ECMA 5-day Detox Program has everything in place to make this a successful moment in your life.

 We are a team and we are with you. 

Do Not Go Through This Alone when we are right here beside you and can help you through it. Call us now to schedule an appointment. 206-281-1616 orclick hereto schedule an appointment now!

The ECMA difference:

1) Years of provider and staff clinical experience with inpatient and outpatient detoxification programs and care

2) Our clinic is situated in an easy to access area of lower Queen Anne which also has an attached garage for vehicle commuters and quick easy bus routes for public transportation

3) Medication management is essential and we have the experience to get you through the difficult moments.

4) 24 hour on-call access to direct help from our provider

5) 5 days of health and wellness monitoring, assessments, and individualized approach

6) Transitioning from detox is so essential to long term realization and is a major focus here at ECMA. You will be set up for subsequent follow up clinically and provided seamless options to continue or to begin a holistic wellness, for example couselors, groups, etc.

7) Ask about initial consultations being waived and getting you the help you need right now! 206-281-1616.