Emerald City Medical Arts

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Emerald City Medical Arts is a community-centered family practice clinic trained in the care of clients throughout the spectrum of life from infants to senior adults. We are here to care for the entire range of your basic health needs.  We can provide you with health maintenance appointments, assess your current condition and offer treatment options, provide preventative care and teach you the skills needed to improve your well-being and develop a healthy lifestyle in a professional, sensitive and caring environment. We promise to treat you with respect and offer you the personalized attention you deserve from all of our staff.

 Working together, we can help you to achieve optimal health and well-being regardless of your medical status. We believe that the best way to manage your health includes you being proactively involved and we are here to empower you.  Emerald City Medical Arts looks forward to working to provide you with expert medical treatment, guidance and care.

About Us

Emerald City Medical Arts is pleased to welcome Scott Hansen to our medical practice.

Scott Hansen - Our Nurse Practitioner

Please call  206-281-1616 to make an appointment with Scott.